Custom lighting creates a magical experience by illuminating your home’s special features. A flagstone patio or an arched entry way, these distinctive features make your house a home. Imagine dining outdoors under a soft glow while viewing your favorite tree or garden area. Call Kathy Arnold Lighting. (314) 200-2842

Outdoor Lighting in Wildwood & Chesterfield St. Louis

Custom lighting creates a magical experience to be enjoyed every evening, by illuminating your home’s special features. A flagstone patio, an arched entry, or a handmade trellis are all distinctive features that make your house a home. Imagine dining outdoors under a soft glow. Illuminating your favorite tree or garden area. Revealing a beloved architectural design. Or simply making your driveway easier to see at night. These are just a few reasons why people call Kathy Arnold Lighting for Outdoor Lighting in Wildwood & Chesterfield St. Louis.

Architectural Lighting

A series of columns across the front of a house in Ladue. An imposing archway in Chesterfield. A dramatic facade made all the more impressive with up lighting in Wildwood. A gazebo illuminated on all sides in Frontenac. That statue in the yard down the street in Town and Country.
They’re all impressive during the day, and yet they transform into a magical world during the night. How did those families get such impressive results? Who did their work? How can I get my house to look just as incredible?
These are all examples of Kathy Arnold Lighting’s Architectural Lighting Systems. Using a customized and personalized plan for your house, we will emphasize the unique design elements of your yard and home. You will not get someone else’s design, each project is designed individually to fit the house, the land, the surrounding features, and done in the way that best emphasizes your unique elements.
We at Kathy Arnold Lighting want to be sure that each home’s qualities are glorified and put on display. You look fantastic, do you not want your house have that same option as well?
We light anything and everything from statues, gazebos, water fountains, water falls, archways, entryways, door frames, columns, retaining walls, any stone features in your yard and anything you think would put your house over the top. We want your house to look it’s best.
Before you know it, everything unique about your home is on display for everyone to enjoy, day or night.

Garden and Landscape Lighting

Ever enjoyed your garden in the evening? Now you can. Flowers have a different glow, pathways feel magestic. We’ll install lights to illuminate trees, shrubs, and flower beds. Or add moodlighting, with the use of lights in the tops of trees aiming down onto walkways, patios or yards you won’t believe the work of art we can create, and with the change in trees, the air flow, this is a living piece of art.

Deck Lighting

Entertaining at night is so much more fun, and having your deck well lit allows the party to last longer and the levening memorable. Steps are safer, guests are more at ease.

Submersible Lighting

The sounds of a waterfall, a pond, or a stream are relaxing and refreshing. Now imagine lights dancing off the reflections, or the glow coming from a pond. Acheiving the ultimate outdoor water feature doesn’t end with H2O.
Path Lighting
Improve the safety and security for visitors, friends, and family. Create a larger looking home by lighting up your pathways at night. Now you too can have a yellow brick road.

  • Add Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting in Town & Country

    architectural lighting

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    Deck Lighting

  • Dramatic lighting for a dramatic tree in St. Albans

    Landscape Lighting

  • Down lights outside

    Outdoor Down Lighting

  • The reflection of the pool area lights gives a more impressive view

    Pool Patio Lights

  • Christmas Lights

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